Григорий Гинзбург

Grigory Ginsburg  

Россия (Russia)

Искусствовед, публицист, культуролог.

Академик Европейской академии естественных наук (г. Ганновер, Германия 2012г.), Почётный доктор искусствоведения (ЕУ ЕАЕН 2018г.), профессор.

Почётный работник культуры города Москвы (2013г.)

Директор Московского государственного выставочного зала «Творчество» (1991-2014г.г.), Председатель Совета директоров московских выставочных залов при Комитете по культуре правительства Москвы (1996 -2006г.г.)

Председатель секции искусствоведения и галеристики Творческого союза профессиональных художников (2009 – 2018г.г.). Председатель секции искусствоведения Евразийского художественного союза (2018г. по наст. вр.). Организовал и провёл более 700 художественных выставочных международных и российских проектов. Член жюри многочисленных международных конкурсов изобразительного искусства среди которых «Euroartweek», «Abstractfestival», «Арт-Балкан 2018», «Искусство без границ» и др.

Автор 20 искусствоведческих статей - исследований о персоналиях художников России и зарубежья, 25-и очерков - эссе об авангардных современных художниках Италии.


-Почётный знак Министерства культуры РФ «За достижения в культуре»;

«Золотая медаль» Творческого союза художников России;

-медаль «Павел Третьяков» (За развитие культуры и искусства) от Международной Академии наук о Природе и Обществе (МАНПО - РАЕН);

-медаль «За вклад в искусство» Международной Федерации профессиональных художников;

-Почётный знак ЕАЕН «Большая звезда с короной»; медаль «Василий Кандинский» (За особые достижения в области мировой культуры и искусства) от Европейской академии естественных наук;

-медаль «В память 850-летия Москвы» от Президента Российской Федерации;

Почётный знак Министерства культуры РФ СССР «За культурное шефство над вооружёнными силами СССР»,

-Почётный знак «Золотая лавровая ветвь» Национального комитета поддержки науки, образования и искусства России.

Гинзбург Г.Н. имеет персональные Благодарности Министра культуры Российской Федерации, Министра культуры республики Абхазия, Министра культуры города Москвы и др.



Аrt historian, essayist, culturologist.

Academic of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany 2012), honorary doctor of art history (EAEN 2018 of the EU), professor.

Honored worker of the culture of the city of Moscow (2013).


Director of the Moscow State Exhibition Hall "Creativity" (1991-2014), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moscow Exhibition Halls under the Committee on Culture of the Government of Moscow (1996-2006)


Chairman of the Section of Art History and Gallery of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (2009-2018). Chairman of the Art Cultural Section of the Eurasian Art Union (uo to 2018). He has organized and conducted more than 700 projects for international and Russian art exhibitions. Member of the jury of numerous international art competitions among which are “Euroartweek”, “Abstractfestival”, “Art-Balkan 2018”, “Art without Borders”, etc.


He is the author of 20 art criticism articles - studies on the personalities of Russian and foreign artists - 25 essays and an essay on contemporary avant-garde artists in Italy.




  • The honorary badge of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "For achievements in culture";

  • "Gold Medal" of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia;

  • Medal "Pavel Tretyakov" (For the development of culture and art) from the International Academy of Natural Sciences and Society (MANPO - RANS);

  • Medal "For Contribution to Art" of the International Federation of Professional Artists; The honorary sign of EAEN "Big Star with a Crown"; the medal "Wassily Kandinsky" (For special achievements in the field of world culture and art) from the European Academy of Natural Sciences;

  • Medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow" from the President of the Russian Federation;

  • Badge of honor of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation of the USSR "For cultural patronage over the armed forces of the USSR", The honorary sign "Golden laurel branch" of the National Committee for the Support of Science, Education and Art of Russia.

  • Personal acknowledgements from the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Minister of Culture of the City of Moscow, etc.

Статьи Григория Гинсбурга (Articles By Grigory Ginzburg)



Nieves Teresita Maldonado

Santiago del Estero, Argentina


La Lic. Nieves Teresita Maldonado, argentina of origin, retired teacher of all educational levels. She was General Director of the province of the Private Education Service (SPEP). 1992, Chairman of the Board Gral of Education 2000 and the deputy Secretary of Education and Culture of their Province (2002)-Rector Comptroller of the secondary school N° 8 BC Challenge, Rector of the College of Absalom Rojas, Analyst mid-Level. Titles: Professor of Mathematics and Cosmography ,1 graduated from the Bachelor of Educational Management of the UNSE and specialized in Educational Assessment-OAS - Santiago de Chile(1975).Member of the Social Council of the NAC University of Santiago del Estero as representative of the provincial government. Co-editor of the Argentine Federal Education Act. at the primary ,secondary and higher/university levels. Co-author of the regulation of the Private Education Act of Sgo del Estero. For 32 years he served as a journalist on educational and economic issues .She's also a painter.
         Following serious health contingencies (February 2011) he decided to” write to live " and build his happiness as a personal decision. His published books are 
1)“Feathers and Essence” ,September 2011-Idearte-Idearte-Sgo del Estero
2) “Puzzles between the heaven and the Earth”, March 2012, presented at Sgo del Estero, Andalgalá - Catamarca, and in the Feria International del Libro Bs As 2012-Idearte
3) 2nd enhanced and augmented edition of riddles Between Heaven and Earth ,may 2013 presented at the International Book Fair Bs As of that year-Idearte.
4)”Dos Mares " (poems and antipoemas) March 2014 in Sgo del Estero, 26/04 in Viña del Mar Chile and 9/05/14 in the International Book Fair, Bs As. -Devise
5) "then..." - October 2014 and presented in Quito, Ecuador (Nov / 14) and in S. M de Tucumán Ediciones del Parque,Tucumán.
6) 2nd expanded and improved edition of "then..." - March 2015 presented at Feria Internac the book Bs as 2015 idem to the previous one
7) " Laurel leaves "-(anthology of awarded works by both authors) - March 2015, together with Libya Carciofetti presented at the International Book Fair Bs as 2015
8) AD INFINITUM- (POEMS AND ANTIPOEMS QDS) May 2016 - Presented May the Letters S. M Tuc.and in the CCB Sgo del Estero in October 2016
9) AD INFINITUM (2ND EDITION, EXPANDED AND CORRECTED), November 2016 .presented at the 43rd International Book Fair, Bs As-May 2017,
10) WOMAN of INDIVIDUATED ( Test of interiority, Aesthetics, Quantum), May 2018 presented at the 44th International Book Fair, buenos aires, May 2018, and Regional Fair of the Book S.M.de Tucumán within the Framework of May of the Letters.
11) from grapes and tears (narrative)-Nov 2019-presented at International Book Fair 2019, BsAs, Mayo de las Letras-SM de Tucumán 2019 and Julio Cultural Tucumán.

From existentialist philosophy, adhering to the post-contemporary current and then to the Quantum Universe, it dabbles in poetry, anti-poetry, micro stories, essays, narrative in general. It participates in various literary entities of Santiago and other provinces. Figure in 45 Anthologies, national and International. He has 59 awards in poetry and narrative (national and international), and he gave several workshops and free poetry clinics. It is currently focused on spreading the foundations of quantum aesthetics in newspapers, cultural magazines and universities. Outstanding prologue and book Presenter. Member of the Board of SADE subsidiary, Sgo del Estero, and social honors of SUMMA ART COLLECTIVE
His Lecture, “Towards an Aesthetic Quantum” was entered in to) University Nac.de Sgo del Estero( October 2016) b) Book Fair Sgo del Estero October 2016, May of the Letters 2017 (Tucumán, argentina), sponsored by SADE Tucumán. and Latin american Encounter of Writers Baths 2017 (Sade Sgo del Estero),Regional Exhibition of Book 2018 in S. M de Tucumán and Festival of the Word, within the framework of the July Cultural S. M. of Tucumán should Be noted that this is the only poet of argentina, with books published poems and antipoems with the style of the Aesthetics of Quantum.

His work appears in the anthologies  
1) “Taste of Life”. Bs As-Literary Group Artistic Flavor-Bs As .November 2011-
2) "Antología Poético Narrativa weddings de Plata" Grupo Reencuentro, Sgo del Estero Dec 2011-
3) “3rd Meeting Pucará de las Letras”.Andalgalá, Catamarca. April/2012,
4) ”Antología Literaria 2011 " Summa Colectivo de Arte, Sgo del Estero, April 2012.
5) " Memoria-Latrarte 2012”- Latrarte( international meeting of writers) - Tucumán-Julio 2012
6) "Antología E. C. A de poetas y cuentistas congregados" - La Paisanita-Alta Gracia-Córdoba-Nov. two thousand twelve
7) XIV National Meeting of poets and writers-anthology. Valle Viejo,Catamarca, Argentina.Two thousand twelve
8) "Escritura Compartida" -Cen Ediciones-Córdoba.-November 2012
9) "Antología Huellas" - Grupo Literario Sabor Artístico.-Bs As - December 2012
10) " XV Antología Poética Nacional. ECA 2012 " - Córdoba-December 2012
11 bicentennial of the creation of the flag-poetic narrative anthology”-Grupo Reencuentro-Santiago del Estero - December 2012.-
12) "Antología Hispanoamericana Gabriela" - winners of the competition-Casa del Poeta Peruano, Delegación Chile-Chile-December 2012
13) Antología Eca 2012-November 2012-Córdoba
14) " Antología IV Encuentro Andalgalá Pucará de las Letras-Catamarca-April 2013
15) "Argentina en Versos y Prosa Antología 2012" - Editorial Root Alternativa. Bs As-April 2013
16) " Antología Literaria Summa Colectivo de Arte 2012-Sgo del Estero, April 2013
17) "Letras del Face" - Editorial Dunken-Bs As-April 2013
18) " Antología del V concurso literario Nac. and III International "la pena de Plata 2103" - Círculo Pehuajense de escritores y Lectores."Pcia de Bs As-August 2013
19) "Antología Vitraux de Letras" - Sabor Artístico-Bs As-November 2013
20) " Antología ECA 2013-Córdoba Noviembre 2013
21) "Antología del Primer Encuentro Saujil, Luz" - Septiembre 2013
22) "Memorial de Tierra y Barro" Antología 2013-Parnassus. March 2014
23) anthology of the V Pucará de las Letras-Andalgalá Catamarca-April 2014
24) MUSARTEUM-1st Colectivo Internacional de Escritores y Poetas Emergentes de habla hispana" - April 2014-Viña del Mar, Chile
25) face VI lyrics - International anthology with writers selected by Dunken Editorial-April 2014.bs As
26) Anthology SUMMA ART COLLECTIVE- 2013/ 2014- Sgo del Estero - 2014 
27) Antología Suri tango-San Miguel de Tucumán-October 2014
28) Anthology Artistic Flavor 2014-Bs As October 2014
29) Antología Encuentro de escritores, Palpalá Jujuy, November 2014
30) Female Voices of the NOA-Poetry Anthology SADE, NOA-May 2015
31) narrative poetic anthology-literary group reunion-2015-Idearte
32) Poesía en Rojo-Antología del XXIII Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres Poetas en el País de las nubes -, Oaxaca Méjico Nov2015
33) alchemy in the Loom of words-International anthology Parnassus April 2016
34) Antología Homenaje de escritores Tucumanos al l Bicentenario de la Patria-Ediciones Del Parque-Tucumán Argentina (Julio2016)
35) poems and love stories II-September 2016-Park editions-Tucumán
36) Anthología Summa Colectivo de Arte 2015/16 - en poesía y narrativa 2017
37) federal Poetry Anthology 2017-Northwest Region-IFC-Ba as 2017
38) Antología Festival de la Palabra 2017-Ediciones del Parque-2017
39) Anthology (Jujuy, Salta,Tucumán,Sgo del Estero, Catamarca, La Rioja)- UPCN in letters-2018
and others

Conferences and cycles
She has participated as an exhibitor in numerous literary meetings, International Book Fair-Bs As, poetry and narrative cycles, 8°, 9°,10°,11° Mayo Cultural de las Letras de Tucumán(SADE TUCUMÁN), Ciclo Poesía Ilustrada, Narrativa Poesía erótica-Conferencia (Summa Colectivo de Arte-Sgo del Estero)-
1) Selected finalist for Anthology 2012 - Root Alternative Editorial - Bs As - Nov 2012-
2) finalist for the anthology shared writing 2012-CEN Ediciones-Nov 2012 -
3) classified among the best poets in the category Al Amor - Spanish-American Poetry Contest “Gabriela” - House of the Peruvian poet, representation Chile-Chañaral, Atacama, Chile-August 2012 
4) 3rd Prize 1st International Poetry Competition Musas del Arte - Ong Musarteum, Chile-April 2013 
5) finalist of the International face letters contest with poetry "Todo" -Dunken Editorial-April 2013.-Book fair Bs As.
6) Second Prize Poetry Contest "Domingo Iturralde" - IV Pucará de las Letras con "Elogio a la Impermanencia" -Andalgalá-Catamarca-Abril2013
7) 1st Honorable Mention III International Poetry Contest Eunt at aeternun - with "celebrating Eternity" - Ong Musarteum, Viña del Mar, Chile-June 2013
8) honorable Mention in Poetry. with " North Wind." La pena de Plata 2013-5th Annual National and 3rd International event of the Pehuajan circle of writers and readers-June 2013
9) II mention of honour-5th International Short Story and poetry competition "Renascentis con" Renacer " - Ong Musarteum-Viña del Mar-Chile, July 2013
10) mention of Honor - contest "Dilectus meus Pet" - poetry for children with "Ojos miel, colita blanca" - Ong Musarteum-Viña del Mar-Chile August 2013
11) Honorable Mention VI competition NAC and international Alejandra Pizarnik with "buds" - alternative group - Municipality of Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe-August 2013
12) the Chamber of Deputies of the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina through Administrative Act No. 376 of 24 September 2013,” of legislative, cultural and educational interest, for the work carried out by the poet and writer of Santiago del Estero LIC. NIEVES TERESITA MALDONADO
13) first Narrative award of the 9th International Christmas contest, from the NGO Musarteum, Viña del Mar, Chile-December 31, 2013
14) first narrative Prize: Category Love Letters of the contest "love and friendship "with" Pilgrim Bird", Parnassus-homeland of artists Buenos Aires-February 14, 2014
15) Special Mention in Poetry, International Festival "Amor y Amistad" del Parnassus, homeland of artists with "Sin filtro" - Buenos Aires-February 14, 2014
16) selected in international competition to integrate the anthology " Letras del FaceVI-Editorial Dunken-Bs As-April 2014
17) Third Prize in poetry 2013-9th National and international competition lunch with "Un sigh" - Berazategui-Pcia de Bs As, with 
18) First Prize in poetry-writer Jesús María Carrizo, with " Sin Verbo/Ella - V Pucará de las Letras. 25 April 2014-Aldalgalá-Catamarca with 
19) Third Prize in narrative-V Pucará de las Letras con "Caireles".-25 April 2014-Andalgalá Catamarca with 
-20) selected as Outstanding Commentator of the annual Poetry Contest-Parnassus, patria de artistas, April 2014.
21) special narrative mention Theme 1 - International Competition El Oro del Parnaso, with "two words" - 5th anniversary of Parnassus, homeland of artists May 2014
22) second International Narrative award theme 2 ecological for "the river that ceased to be a river" - previous Idem
(23) Second International Children Narrative Award with “El niño de las Frutillas”.Previous Idem
24) second International Narrative Award existential theme with "Cuna Espartana".Previous Idem
25) First International Prize Musa del Arte-Poesía-con " Redredirse” - Idem anterior
26) first special mention poetry social theme with "require for a beaten woman" - previous Idem
27) Second International Poetry Prize romantic theme with "continents" - previous Idem
28) second International Poetry Prize-existential theme with "fullness" - previous Idem
29) Second International Poetry-Olympic prize - with "the thief of the lira" - previous Idem
30) second narrative Prize International micro-narrative contest with "visions" Ong Musarteum Viña del Mar, Chile May 2014
31) 2nd Special Mention NAC poetry contest Hugo Mandón. SADE Santa Fe. With “Afternoon”- August 2014
32) narrative mention, Renaissance Library, Arroyo Dulce, Dulce, Bs As with the son of the moon, October 2014
33) 1st Free Poetry Prize with "Al filo de la Vida" - Saint Valentine 2015 international competition-Parnassus, homeland of artists-February 2015
34) 3rd Prize-letters of love, for "Principles Of Love" - San Valentin 2015 international competition-Parnassus, homeland of artists-February 2015
35) 1st prose mention and love stories, with "unattainable" - Idem to the previous-
36) Muse Gold category Free Verses with “ And what?”-The week of Valentine's day 2015-UHE-Union Spanish speaking writers. February 2015
37) Laurel De Apollo-Clase Plata con "Sin verbo/ Mujer" - Certamen UHE Unión Hispanohablante de escritores-Marzo 2015
38) recognition as an Outstanding Woman of Culture-Sgo del Estero-Asociación Arte Argentino-March 14, 2015-
39) 3rd Prize in Poetry - Centre of Veterans of War - Punta Alta-Province of Bas As - March 2015.
40) The Chamber of Deputies of the province declares of legislative, cultural and educational interest its book DOS MARES (poems and antipoemas) Abril2015
41) 2nd Poetry Prize-Musas del Arte International Competition-Ong Musarteum, Viña del Mar, Chile, July 2015
42) 2nd Poetry Prize-Renancentis international competition-Ong Musarteum.  Viña del Mar, August 2015
43) 2nd Premio de Cuentos international competition Pueros in Iberna-IDEM anterior-con El vestidito Azul-Sept 2015
44) selected among the 40 women poets invited by the municipality of Oaxaca, Mexico, to join the XXIII international meeting of women poets in the country of the clouds, November 2015
45) 1st narrative Prize International Valentine's Day contest with "from when Destiny conspires" February 2016 - Parnassus Patria de artistas
47) 1st Prize in Poetry International Valentine's Day contest, February 2016 with " Ad infinitum”
48) gold Muse Prize in poetry with "Risco y Arena" - EHE, Fiesta del Amor February 2016
49) 1st Prize Poetry Contest Manolo Sanchez Perez - SADE filial Tucumán.  With” a shadow every night " June 2016.
50) 3rd honorary mention in International Poetry Contest .SEP Zona Sur-2016 with "Gelmaniano amor".
51) 2nd Prize free poetry with "sin verbo/ el Amor"in San Valentin 2017 - Parnassus patria de Artistas. February 2017
52) 1st Love Letters Award with "letter to Daniel" - idem to the previous
53) 1st prose prize with "the citation of doubt" - Idem to the previous one
54) recognition for his career in the field of cultural management, literature, and Journalism-Sade Santiago del Estero and Summa Colectivo de Arte-March 18, 2017
55) cultural, educational and provincial legislative recognition of his book AD INFINITUM for being the first in its kind-2017-
56) Sash of Honour Provincial 2016 in Poetry for his book, 2nd Edition enlarged and improved AD INFINITUM ( poems and antipoems quantum)-SADE Sgo del Estero-June 2017
58 )Special Prize of Poetry 2018 with his book AD INFINITUM,SADE ,Mercedes Prcia of Bs As
(59) legislative recognition 404 cultural, legislative and educational recognition of their individual women's essay, 2018