Madeleine Cobb, Australi

Member MAQ. Manager Australia

PR Manager of MAQ magazine

A life of great independance, many paintings and adventures. The resume cannot contain any details but I travelled up North accompanying Fred Brophys Boxing Troupe at his invitation to come with them and bring the paints... actually he was trapping a cook. .. and not much time for painting but he and the men were the very best of company. They travelled to the very remote Aborigine communities right up to the Carpentaria. In the heat I was sitting in the river painting and this 4wd drove up very close behind me, which I ignored, they were making remarks and offering increasing bids for the painting. When they got to a price I liked I answered and it turned out it was a Police Wedding party, the brides dad wanted it for a wedding gift and all the people there were the whole wedding party , family and all the friends was accompanying the bride and groom on their honeymoon !!!!. Hahhaaaa never heard of that before, wonderful cameraderie indeed. They also say Fred's Boxing Troupe is the last one in the Southern hemisphere.

In 2014 I encountered the Quantam Science Art Research Centre of Australia, and have the esteemed friendship of Professor Robert Pope. This focuses my own personal lifetime interest of what urgently might be done to help humaniy. My own discovery and experimentation of Stereoscopic Painting continues as part of that . This is very much part of my ongoing spiritual life and what hopefully may be accomplished in committment and concern for best stewardship for the future. MAQ is very much an important and extended part of this for me, and I am honoured to belong to such an elite group. I am still painting and writing, including poetry and stories, and as always, working independantly, but enjoying the glittering introduction to the most prestigious exhibitions of Europe.


It is not accidental. has been carried out in acrylics and pastels, on Arches 400gsm rough watercolour paper . This developed use of the stereoscopic colours is entirely the result of my own exploration of how they work, from my personal testing and experimenting. I had no awareness of Salvador Dali's works but had seen some use made of some colours by Prof Robert Pope, Robert Todanai, and Aboriginal artist Roger Saunders in the beautiful paintings at the Quantum Science Art Research Centre of Australia.

Part of the magic of stereoscopic vision is that there are young Aborigine children who can in fact see in

3D stereoscopic - without any need of any such glasses at all. The path of Quantum Science Biology and that of Stereoscopic Vision is deeply important to the soul of mankind and its development with the best outcome of our future, and overcoming the cancers of our civilization.


Laura Silvina Dorado Saso, Argentina


Member MAQ. Manager Argentina




Bachelor. Prof. In plastic arts. Unt Self-taught writer. Illustrator.


Teacher in plastic arts In the specialty of painting.


Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the U.N. T. 1992


Degree in plastic arts in the specialty of painting. Faculty of Arts of the U. N. T – 1989


Licensed In educational technologies. University Technological. Tucumán UTN Regional Faculty. 2011


Commercial expert


Immaculate Conception College. Tucumán – 1984


2016 It continues today. Member of Athens Art International organization of Prof. Takis Alexious.


2018 Member of MAQ (artistic movement Quantum). Community International artistic.


2018 Member of Eco Poets Tucumanos.


Member of network of Teachers OEI. Virtual community.


Artistic background


Literary and illustration.


Participation in anthology. 3rd. Festival of the word. Invited by the publisher of the park .2018. Tucumán. Argentina.


Participation in the Anthology Rimar 2018 Invited by group Active Ink. Publisher of the park. Tucumán. Argentina.


 Illustration cover and interior of book "Everything happens soul inside." From the writer Elena Quinteros. 2018 Publisher of the park. Tucumán. Argentina.


Illustration book cover Anthology "Paper-Soul women." 2018 ECO Poets Association TUCUMANOS. Publisher of the park. Tucumán. Argentina.


 Publication of story and illustration, in second issue of MAQ Digital magazine. 2018


Cover illustration book cover "Tales to Compete" By the author Erica balar of Vallejo. 1999 Foundation time to share.


 Illustration magazine cover ESC. Of the Rio Sali band trade. Tucumán. 2000


Jury member in III and the “IV Literary and Illustration Contest " "Identities".


The Lola Mora trade ESC. Burruyacu. Tucumán 2017 and 2018 Declared of Municipal Interest (resolution 400/2016).


Member of the jury at the international competition "Environmental Calendar" of photography for secondary and primary students. Through the OEI teachers ' network. 2018


Exhibitions Collective


International Art Show "Colour”. MEEBA. Bs. As. October 2018. Argentina


XXXVI Firenze Award. Finalist. Participation In Virtual Gallery. In painting category. November of 2018


My best play. National and Latin American collective show. Plaza de Almas Tucumán. Argentina. May 2018


International Art Show "Colour”. MEEBA. Bs. As. October 2018 ArgentinaXXXVI Firenze Award. Finalist. Participation In Virtual Gallery. In painting category. November of 2018


XL Golden Jellyfish Trophy. Academy International D ' Modern art. Rome. Finalist. June 2017.


Participation in exhibition of Tucumán orchids, art space. Collective show by invitation. August 2017.


XLTrofeo Golden Medusa. Academy International of art Modern. Rome. Finalist. June 2017


Mmo. My best play. Federal Visual Arts Show. Simultaneous exhibition in 17 provinces and 50 spaces. May 2017. Paginadearte. Plaza de Almas.


Group exhibition invited by the legislature Of Tucumán. "Integrating Arte Franco-Argentina”. April 2017.


Exhibition in Gallery Day, Palermo Buenos Aires. Argentina. December 2016.


Participation and Selection .  XXXIV Florence Prize for Literature and visual arts IN homage to Amatrice. 2016.


Mention/painting. "Small room format". Mitra Gallery. .Bs. As. 2014.


Participation our collective gallery PartnersLiving room Of summer. Recoleta Bs. As. 2010-2011-2012-2013.


Participation in Galería La Folie Contest "Small-format Drawing " Entre Rios-ConcepCión Of Uruguay – 2009.


Participation in joint sample "Tucumán in Ink." Secretary of Culture of the province. 2006.


Participation: First Regional salon of painting and sculpture of Catamarca (1990)


Participation First Salon of plastic arts and drawing. Federation of graduates In the economic sciences of Tucumán. 1988.


INDIVIDUAL Exhibitions


Individual exhibition, In Cultural Center Catalina Albarracín de Suárez.


City of Tafí Viejo. Tucumán. Argentina. July of 2018


Individual exhibition, Artistic Center MUDRA. Ciudad San Miguel de Tucumán. Month of March 2018


First exhibition of Painting and drawing-1991. Municipal Hall of the city band of the river I left


Second exhibition of Painting and Drawing – 1995 Municipal Hall of the city band of the river I came out




2018- Award to Merit. Trophy International "Medusa Aurea 41 ° Edition.


Accademia International D ´ Modern Art. Painting category. April 29th, 2018 Rome.


2018- Contest: Special mention category drawing creativity and For Human surv. MAQ. Art movement QuantíPlastic.


2016- Third prize. Category Drawing. Living room Alchemist of Art. G.d . Abasto Gallery. C.a.b.a


First Prize. Abstract category. Salon Homage to women-Gallery of Abasto. Bs. As.


Second Prize. Abstract category. Opening room G.d. Abasto Gallery. Bs. As.


Exhibition Art Space Tucumán. "2 months in Tucumán of the bicentennial". Curator Patricia Aldala.


2014-mention/painting. "Small room format". Mitra Gallery. .Bs. As. 20


2008-First prize in illustration, teaching category, in” Contest of Illustrated story and poem-John Kennedy Institute "


2008- First mention In category "D" in illustration. John Kennedy Institute.


2006- Special mention In illustration at the 26th edition of the Illustrated Tales and poems Contest Leopoldo lugons, John Kennedy Institute.


1999-First Prize illustration contest Book cover “Tales for contestants " By the author Erica balar of Vallejo. Time to share Foundation.


University Research and teaching


Teacher training taught to visual teachers in October 2017 by the Ministry of Education. Tucumán.


Project of University extension UNSTA in articulation with project of service and learning solidarity of the ESC. Of the river band trade came out. 2009-2013


Human Resources Training Program. Educational Research project U.N.T. Faculty of Arts in Integral Evening Workshop 2004-2005


Institutional training workshops at the Rio Banda de Comercio School. Four meetings about: neuroscience and the education of the person.


Introductory workshop on Neuroscience in Florida Middle School. For teachers.


Conference papers


Paper ““Art-Healthy At school. An innovative artistic proposal. " Band of the River Sali. Tucumán. First International Congress. Education and inclusion from the south. 2018 Exhibitor and author.


Paper "Art and Design: Search and first steps...". National Day of art and ICT. Ibertic. 2014 Exhibiting And aurora


Chapter 5 of Canal Encuentro. Representing Tucumán. "Innovative experiences". Comics and math. 2010 Exhibiting. Author.


Paper "ICT-integrated art and mathematics”. Regional meeting North to connect equality. Jujuy. 2011 Exhibiting o Author and Exhibitor at the 9th Argentine Congress of Color, Argencolor 2008


 Speaker and author on paper "The student as a researcher in the Workshop "in The "4th National Meeting and 1st Latin american "The university as an object of research" Faculty of Philosophy and Letters-master's degree in university higher Education-2004.


Work background


2017-21018. Currently, in the team of Cultural Management of the coordination of Education Artistic. Ministry of Education Province. of Tucumán.


2018, since the creation of the race. JTP at Lic. In graphic design, FAC. Of engineering U.N.S.T., in the Workshop of 1st year of Media I, and in 2nd year in Media III.


In the occupational Therapy degree, as JTP therapeutic means III and IV of 2nd year. Up to 2015


Professor of educational technology and didactics. At the primary level teachers. Tucumán. 2013 to 2015


Courses and seminars – improvement 2018


2017 – "II Congress of Neuroscience and its contributions to education." May 2017. Santiago del Estero-Argentina. Ministry of Education.


2012 – "INTERNET as a resource for teaching innovation". Ministry of Education of the Province of Tucumán.


2011, 2012 – "Educational Content Production Center Digital. Ministry of Education of the Province of Tucumán.


2011- 1st Symposium on Infant and juvenile literature in the MERCOSUR ". National University of Salta. Do. of humanities.


2011 – VII National Congress of Didactics of the language and literature. National University of Salta. Do. of humanities.


2010-"Third Latin American Conference of Integrated Arts: plurality as síncresis In contemporary artistic languages. Metaphors and Senses ". University of Lanús. Department of Humanities and Arts. Lic. At Audiovision.


"Distance course 1 to 1. Connect Equality Program ". Ministry of Education of the nation.


 "Provincial Classroom Course Connect equality." Ministry of education.


2009-"II Conference on implant updating Cochlear Dictated by the I. C Hospital Team Garraham.


2006- "Rolling School" Ministry of Education, Science and technology. Promse-Jujuy


"Cinema and teacher training". Young people: Art and politics in the 70, 80, 90 and 2000. National Directorate of Management and teacher training. Ministry of Education Science and technology. Promse-Tucumán


2005-"Human Behavior and Values" 2nd and 3rd module. U.N.S.T.A. Teacher Training and knowledge integration course.


"Raising with affection: The first years Mark forever." U.N.S.T.A PEACE EDUCATIONA FOUNDATION.


"Analysis and creative use of AUDIOVISUAL language". Ministry of Education, Science and technology of the Nation and the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual art-secretary of Education of the Province of Tucumán.


"Role and function of the teacher TUTOR". U.N.S.T. A-COMFYE.


Resilencing Course: A new paradigm of social sciences, health and education. " U.N.S.T. A – FAC. of health Sciences.


2004-"Human behavior and values." 1 º Modulo. U.N.S.T.A.


1st Northwest Conference "Occupational Therapy and the community" U.N.S.T.A.


Teaching training Days "the vocational orientation in EGB3 and Polymodal" U.N.S.T.A.


Printmaking and printing Workshop " U.N.S.T.A.


2003-"Curriculum and teaching role"- U.N.T.


2002-"1st meeting Communicate"


As a collaborator- Faculty of Humanities U.N.S.T.A.


"PEDAGOGICO Discourse and Professional Identity"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters – U.N.T.


"Educational Processes and evaluation"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Technological Mediation and educational processes"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Research seminar I, II, III"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Teaching groups at the university level"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Teaching at the university"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"The Teaching Practice"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


2001-"CONGNITICA Psychology in Practice"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Reform of curricula"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"The question of previous knowledge of the students and the CONCEPTUAL change in the teaching of the sciences"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Curricular Intervention Processes"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"The problematic GNOSEOLÓGICA according to a FILOSOFICA optics"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Current SOCIO-economic context"


Master's degree in higher education-I Do. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Evaluation of the Argentine University"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


2000-"Politics and management in science and technology"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Higher education compared in Latin AMERICA"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"University Models: coordination styles. Government and organization "


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"Politics of knowledge and university management"


Master's degree in higher Education University-FAC. of philosophy and letters-U.N.T.


"The commitment to communicate"


Course organized by the graphic design career of the Faculty of Humanities of the U.N.S.T.A.


"Seminars of vocational and educational orientation for teachers and tutors of EGB3 and Polymodal-60HS".


Course organized by the University of the North SANTO TOMAS Aquinas-Services of Vocational guidance


"Professional training workshops


Organized by art project-art Workshops 2000. Secretary of Education.


1999-"1st day of artistic education in the province of TUCUMÁN 40HS"


Organized by the Secretary of State for Education of the Province of Tucumán U.N.T.


"Postgraduate Course" Birth of art or graphic communication? Faculty of Philosophy and Letters-U.N.T.


Workshop: "Planning: Instrument of CONTROL of tools mediator in the process educational ". U.N.S.T.A.


1997-"Course of introduction to the informatics and Word Processor WORK 3.0"


Organized by the SOC school. Of Cult. Catholic Our Lady of the Valley-Band of the river SALI-TUCUMAN.


"1st Seminar on Grafica Technology"


Organized by the Faculty of Humanities-graphic design career-U.N.S.T.A.


"Workshop of Typography" Faculty of Humanities-graphic design career-U.N.S.T.A.


"Artistic training and Physical education"- CONSUDEC Multimedia network of distance teaching training.


Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the nation.


"Integrative Synthesis"- Red Multimedia CONSUDEC Distance Teaching Training


Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the nation.


1996-"From the curricular project to AREA schedules"- U.N.S.T.A. Institute of Teacher Improvement. Course organized by the Catholic Education Provincial Council


"Learning Assessment"


Course organized by the Provincial Council of Catholic Education-U.N.S.T.A. Institute of Teacher Improvement.


"Curriculum constituents for a study programme"- Faculty of Humanities U.N.S.T.A.-Institute of University pedagogy and teacher improvement.


Third meeting of graphic Design "the Professional Practice"


Faculty of Humanities-U.N.S.T.A.-graphic design career.


1995 "First national meeting of young Design"- U.N.S.T.A.


1994 "Workshop seminar-Children and adolescents in situation of risk"


Institute of Teacher Training of the PROVINCIAL Council of Catholic Education.


"First PROVINCIAL Congress of POST-Primary technical education"


Sponsored by the Secretary of State for Education and culture of the province of TUCUMAN.


1991-"Teacher training for graduates in plastic arts learning theory, didactics of plastic.


Sponsored by the Council of Education-Institute of Teacher Improvement of TUCUMAN. 1990 "The Child and the T. V " Foundation for Culture and Education C.E.L.A.D. I and sponsored by the Secretary of State for Education and Culture and the Council of Education of the Province of TUCUMAN "PANORAMA of painting in TUCUMAN" Dictated by the FUNDACION MIGUEL LILLO.


In the search for new goals Linked to the process of building artistic educational projects that promote the developmentCreativity, Autonomous and critical thinking in young people. Educational management within culture and art, In its different manifestations it can open innovative paths of relevant social projection. The art in its Permanent Transformation State and ProblematizationPromotes Productions What Should Be addressed since Inter and multidisciplinarity In order to create a harmoniously fused language that Communicates Educate and Express. Ken Robinson enuncia "La Creativity is learned " Phrase that shows that anything is possible. Objectives that define my desires and projections.






Marco Bozzini, Italy

Manager Italy, Lombardia



Marco Bozzini was born in Milan in 1949. While he was working at Touring Club Italiano as a cartography draughts-man, he attended Mauri’s school and Castello high scool of art of Milan classes.




Then he worked on depth study of image and semiologic subject in Umanitaria Institute.




In 1991 he made debut in his one-man exhibition at the ''galleria Uno Spazio'' in Pavia. His art and paintings, rich in enchanted atmospheres and figurative perceptions convey the perfect harmony within Nature.




Bozzini is one of the few painters who painted both the figurative art and the adstract art.




The female nude and flowers, universals synonyms of Beauty and duality of life, the are most recurring topic in his work.




Marco Bozzini took part in outstanding exhibitions receiving awards and acknowledgments.




Critics defined his painting ' a dance of streaming nature, a sort of suspended, allusive, fecund and ineffable poetry collections.



Ahmed Mahmoud Gueiba, Egypt

 Manager MAQ


Born in Cairo, 1977
Bachelor of Art Education 2000 Helwan University and Decor Designer
Collective participation in competitions and exhibitions since 1997
Exhibition of Fine Arts, Helwan University 1997
Exhibition of the first forum for student activities at Helwan University in July 1997
Fine Arts Helwan University and nominated one of the work at the university level Meeting of university youth February 1999 at Cairo University Art exhibition at Helwan University in March 2000
Exhibition of the meeting of university youth 2001 at Minia University Republic Championship companies from 2008 - until 2018
Manpower Competition from 2008 to 2018

The first personal exhibition was in 2011 at Cairo Atelier

He held several exhibitions at youth centers in Cairo Exhibition of revolution 25 January at Boulaq Cultural Palace 25/5/2011
Egyptian Snapshot Exhibition at Prince Taz Palace (Exhibition at the Giza Culture Palace (from the life of the revolution Cairo Atilah Exhibition (copy no. 1) 30/10/2011
Exhibition two two in Ismailia 18/2/2012
Salon Fine Giza 1st March 15, 2012
The first Arab artists forum 25 March 2012 until the Forum 16 until 2018
Exhibition of the manifestations of the revolution 25 January 3 April 2012
Exhibition (Photo 1) in Dokki Area Center 11/4/2012
Exhibition (Panorama International Corner - Libya -) 25 April 2012
General Exhibition April 2012 - 2014
Exhibition of small pieces Salon Palace Prince Taz May 3, 2012

Honorary Shield from the 1st photo exhibition in the center of the area 2012 - honored
shield at the Forum of Arab artists 2012
 - Oscar Arab excellence and creativity in 2015 -
He holds many certificates of appreciation from the exhibitions in the collective
exhibitions inside Egypt and abroad and there are many art collections to me outside
 Egypt and inside

Organization of art exhibitions
From 2012 until now, I have been involved in organizing artistic events such as the arts and crafts in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, and the International Sculpture Symposium with the participation of 22 countries in Hurghada in 2018 Manufacturing armor and commemorative medals for artistic and professional festivals

I worked in the field of training children in paintig arts and workshops for a long time since 2005

A workshop for the education of children 

A workshop to teach children to dig on wood

A workshop to teach children to manufacture lighting units

Artistic photography records the movement of light in a vacuum