Elisabetta Denti, USA

Член MAQ


Poetess has been publishing poetry books since he was young in the United States and Italy.

In addition, for some years now it also dedicating to painting, in the foot steps of Mother Painter.

His poems are highly appreciated and, to confirm this, is the 3rd Prize at the International Competition of Poetry Pannunzio, Turin, organized by Mario Soldati, 1988.

His poems and his paintings reflectan inner world opposed to the tough and harsh reality.

This interiority is comparable to a quantum plan where fluctuations and artistic imagination are transfigured in conceptual and communicative models, in a continuous search for one's self relative to the real world. It is a quantum projection of one's self and one's own relativity, a imed at articulate research aimed at a connection between the quantum plan interior and the four dimensional world of relativity.

As a doctor at the Colorado Department of Human Services, Psychiatric Hospital in Colorado, Pueblo - U.S. Federal Management, has collaborated with the world-organized QAGI project, called "Mail Art & Quantum Entanglement: Co-operation and Peace in the World. "

You've made over 200 postcards, from his patients. These postcards were shipped and put on display in many prestigious locations, such as the sixteen exhibitions between 2013 and 2014 at Liberty Palace, in Milan -Italy and other important exhibitions.

As a poet and painter has been involveds ince 2010, to many performances and exhibitions in prestigious locations organized by QAGI and MAQ in Milan, Ferrara, Shanghai, TaiCan- Souzhou, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Vincenzo Rovito, Italy

Member MAQ

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