Roberto Denti, Italy

President MAQ

Architect, Academician Honoris Causa. In 1977 he published the Manifesto “Photography and Substantial Art” in 1985, he was awarded “Academician Honoris Causa”. In 2008 he published the "Quantum Art Manifesto".


The artist in the early 70's, her photographic works have been awarded at various exhibitions including the Biennale in La Spezia in 1981 and 1983. In 2000-ies he published the Manifesto of quantum art, a new art form based on the evolution of cognitive systems and international cooperation.


In 2010 he founded QAGI, Quantum Art Group Italy, became in 2012 international. The following year, his project "Quantum Art and Science for a New Renaissance" was awarded the “Italy of Innovators-Chairman of the Council of Ministers”, as the Italian excellence in the field of art and communication.


After his, he visit to China with a delegation of the Italian Government. In 2012, QAGI consisting of American artists, Brazilian, Australian, Chinese and European. He has lectured at the University of Pavia, Milan, Suzhou.

In 2017, he founded MAQ-Quantum Art Movement of international cooperation.


He also won major awards in both Italian and international, including first prize in the avant-garde sculpture in Saint-Petersburg in 2016. He exhibited in Milan, at various galleries and several times in the Building Modern, Venice, Rome, Bolzano, Pavia, Cesenatico, Piacenza, Milan, Ferrara, Tyumen, Padua, Italy, Salento, Spoleto, Palermo and abroad, in Croatia, Brussels, Barcelona, Paris. In China exhibited in Beijing in 2010 and in 2011, Suzhou in 2011, Shanghai and Suzhou in 2012, Shanghai in 2014, 2015 and to XI'an in 2017; his work has been exhibited in Russia, in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2016 and 2017, he also took part in the 7^ Biennale in Moscow.


His works are in permanent exhibition at Museo diocesano di Capua, Museum Verga Vizzini (CT), rn Spices, and in Milan, and the General Poured (PV), Archive Vinyl, Padova, Archive of International mail Art, University of Apple, Gallarate-Varese, TG-DRAGON Museum, Suzhou Tian Gong, China.

1977 founder of the " photography and the art of meaningful "
1985 Honorary Laureate Of The Academic
Manifesto 2008 " Quantum Art"
2010 Founder Of Quantum Art Group Italy”
2011 founder of QAGI-Quantum Art Group International"
2017 founder of " MAQ Movimento Arte Quantistica "(quantum art
2017 member of the international jury of the world art Fund-Moscow

 An artist from the early 1970s, her photographs have been featured in various exhibitions, including the Spice Biennale in 1981 and 1983. In the 2000s, he published the Manifesto of quantum art, a new art form based on the evolution of cognitive systems and international cooperation.

In 2010, he founded QAGI, Quantum Art Group Italy, and in 2012 became international. The following year, his project "quantum art and Science for a new Renaissance” was awarded the prize" Italy of Innovators-Chairman of the Council of Ministers " as Italian excellence in the field of art and communication.

He then visited China with a delegation from the Italian government. In 2012, QAGI consists of American artists, Brazilian, Australian, Chinese and European. He lectured at the University of Pavia, Milan, Suzhou.

In 2017 he founded MAQ-quantum art movement of international cooperation.

Participation as a speaker

2010 was Rovescala PV, the first conference of quantum art, March, with Professor Massimo Pregnolato;
2010 Florence, Palazzo Strozzi speech in the conference hall of the ferry "2010 year of biodiversity on the theme of" quantum art is an expression of biodiversity”;
2010 Pavia, University of Pavia, Volta Classroom Conference gold medal of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano: "search for cooperation"; attitude to "art and science in the evolution of social systems"; other speaker Professor Massimo Pregnolato and others;
2011 University of Milan, Crema Campus, attitude "art and Science in the evolution of social systems" September;
2012 Suzhou University, China lecture on "Art and Science in the evolution of Western social systems", December 6;
2013 Milan, Palazzina liberty, the attitude of the "quantum art", September 21-22;
2013 the municipality of borgarello, Pavia, organizer and speaker with the maximum Pregnolato Professor series of lectures on "the Art and science of the quantum evolution of new patterns of behaviour."Other scientists present Emilio Del Giudice, Giuseppe Damiani November;
2013 Milan, giureconsulti Palace, QAGI presentation for Expo 2015, December 6;
2014 Milan, "Palazzina Liberty", presentation of EXPO 2014 projects in the CITY, entitled "nutrition, energy and quantum Music for world peace", June;
2015 Pavia, University of Pavia, 5th Quantumone: "quantum entanglement between
Science and Quantum Art", July.

Painting on permanent display

Museum “ Immaginario-century castle Di Vizzini”, Catania, the work opened the back door of “quantum
Manifesto of art", date April 2008;
Navy Museum, La Spezia;
Museum "Diocesano di Capua", Naples;
Naval Office, Milan;
City Hall, Rovescala, Pavia;
International stock Email, University Melo, Gallarate;
International Art Archive, Padua, Italy;
TG-Dragon Museum TaiCan, Suzhou, China

Journal and Pubblications

2008 Oкarte, art critic Jean Marc Mangiameli;
2012 Effetto Arte (Magazine Art Effect) - Critical Diary, Directed By Professor Paolo Levi;
2012 Effetto Arte (art Effect magazine) - 30 artists to invest in, directed by Professor Paolo Levi;
2013 Effetto Arte (Art Effect Magazine) - January-February, Directed By Professor Paolo Levi;
2013 2013 artists of the Yearbook contemporary art curated by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi;
2014 Effetto Arte (magazine Art Effect) - November-December "special market", chosen by Professor Paolo levy;
2015 Effetto Arte (Magazine Art Effect)-January-February, Directed By Professor Paolo Levy.



Massimo Pregnolato, Italy

Vice President MAQ

Professor of "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" under the degree course Pharmacy at the Department of Drug Science, University of Pavia.


Director of Quantum Bio Lab.


Founder Quantumbionet in October 2006.


Italian Founder Biocatalysis Center in July 2007.



Biosystems Quantum Editor-in-Chief.

Former President of Quantum Paradigms of Psychopathology (QPP).


Member of the Scientific Committee of the Research Institute "Paolo Sotgiu" in Quantitative and Evolutionary Psychiatry and Quantum Cardiology, University of Lugano, Switzerland.


"2010" Italian Republic President medal award for Innovation in Quantum Biology.


Professor at the University of Pavia and an internationally renowned scientist, poet, writer and painter. His writings are inspired by his scientific studies on the human being considered as a complex system in which the various bacterial communities coexist with our organism in a constant symbiosis.


His writings are created from the profound analysis of the human being microcosm and they tell about aspects of life and human relationships sometimes fairy-talented.


In this enchanted world happiness is experienced deliciously and at the same time cruelly, as it is related to the other space dimension, that of the real world which is characterized by the harsh reality that we all live. With Daniele Milanesi he attended the conference on the Art and the Quantum Physics at the exhibition: "Applied Art, Integration as a Shared Experience" ABC in collaboration with AIAP - Laboratory Cagliani, Milan, November 19, 2009


In March 2010 he joined the Quantum Art group by Roberto Denti and since then has always brought his contribution as a scientist and artist in all major events in Italy and abroad.


Massimo has organized important Quantumbionet Work Shop introducing quantum art into the discussion.




Natalia Morozova, Russia

Vice President MAQ



Artist. Member of the Professional Union of artists of Russia

Winner of international awards in 2015-2018 in Russia, great Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, China, Turkey, Serbia, Cyprus, Egypt, Ukraine, Belarus.
The artist paints on canvas, making visible his feelings and melodies, showing through his work a General overview of human existence in order to overcome the existing problems in the world.
Through her art, quantum physics Natalia describes the reality in which human consciousness strives for creative evolution, the search for new forms of social life.
In each picture, the law of rare expressive power is combined with the harmony of the master's color, which makes his paintings very personal and recognizable, giving the finished image the perception of pure beauty, from which the perception of the artist's reality follows.
In recent years, her paintings demonstrate important creative discoveries, where ideas take shape in a more subtle and refined color scheme, with a sense of Light, specifically designed to highlight certain details that in these contexts do not escape the observer.
The artist tries to convey a subtle sense of light and color, teaches various stylistic techniques. She loves to paint in different styles, surrealism, impressionism, abstractionism, and in his works appear decorative aspects, emotional, dynamic, sensual, all in a formal composition is very elegant, with expressive colors and patterns.

His works are in Boston, Italy, Russia and in private collections in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, great Britain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia. Publications in international catalogues.
"Cup Of Russia" (2014)
"Russian art week" (autumn 2015)
"Russian Cup" (winter 2015)
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